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Tablets vs Textbooks

The first installment "Tablets vs. Textbooks" Part 1 of an Educational Forum Series hosted by the Science & Mathematics Department at Pratt Institute on Monday, September 22, 2014 and presented by the Debe Communications taskforce on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) Education and how it impacts Communities of Color, got off to a great start.

The taskforce, comprised of mainly Engineers and Educators were joined last night by Inez Barron, Council Member of the 42nd Council District, Mark Pollard, Attorney at Law, http://pollardjustice.com/, Nomie Blydon of Students First NY, an Educational advocacy group, among others and started a dialogue on the pros and cons of having tablets replace textbooks as an option in the NYC Public school system.

The taskforce looks to review the recommendations made by the participants, all experts in their respected fields, and formalize a plan of action with short and long term goals. If you would like to volunteer for the taskforce, please contact us here.

Part 2 of the Educational Forum Series will take place next month. Check our Blog page regularly for periodic updates.