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Willoughby & Washington Avenue Block Association Annual Street Festival & Block Party

Willoughby & Washington Avenue Block

Association Annual Street Festival &

Block Party

Saturday, September 13th 12pm-5pm

Despite the rain hovering all day long and coming down hard (Matthew from Councilwoman Laurie Combo's office got soaked) at 3:30pm, putting a pause to before getting it in with the Moshood Designer Fashion Show, the Willoughby & Washington Avenue Block Party was a good time Smashing Success!

The block came out IN the rain, running at times for cover, brought out FREE food to all the stopped by and waited on line (culinary Jerk Chicken Skills by Chef Gilbert, Mac Salad from the Mayor's wife, Linda F., and Caribbean dishes and good A** Cookies from Miss Pauleen. Big up White Castle, Corkscrew Wines, A-Rod Deli, D & M Pratt Liquor, ), the Music provided by DJ Native Son and 266's own, Anthony D, with backup DJ blending skills from Todd F, folks came from near and far (NJ, Long Island, Queens, West Chester & the US Virgin Islands) and Enjoyed the afternoon, singing in the rain, dinning cookout BK Style, listening to "Oh ish, that's my Jam !" music, and having fun conversations with old friends.

Special Thanks to Nativeson Music/ Sine Audio, Moshood, Cotton Candi Face Painting, Debecommunications, Robert F, Anthony D, Carol S, Kevin R, Sikkim A, June T, Dumar B, Jay D, Maurice D, & Henry L. (those that I failed to remember, please forgive me, getting old)

I took No pictures that day and am relying on my peeps to send me some of your favorite pics from Saturday, so get at me !

More pics will be posted as I receive them, as well as information on the next Willoughby & Washington Avenue Block Association in the upcoming weeks !

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